US election poll tracker: Trump’s support COLLAPSES amid Joe Biden SURGE – latest odds

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US election poll trackers have worked tirelessly to forecast this year’s ballot, which will come amid unprecedented circumstances. Coronavirus has dominated 2020, most notably so in the US, which has pushed Donald Trump into an unfavourable position. Nearly 200,000 Americans have died, with no end to the pandemic in sight, and social tension has flared amid Black Lives Matter protests and alleged comments made by the President about the military.

According to poll aggregators FiveThirtyEight, the President recently managed close in on Mr Biden, who has maintained a nearly two figure lead on the incumbent since March this year.

As August came to an end, Mr Trump had managed to scrape together 43 points to Mr Biden’s 50 – his highest share since June.

The Democrat nominee now maintains a lead of 7.5, two points lower than the week before.

But early polls show the former Vice President is gaining once more and is now half a point ahead while Mr Trump’s lead collapses.

While not a devastating decline (the President has lost roughly 0.2 percent of the vote) the change could signal the start of a downwards trend.

A recent article by The Atlantic claimed Mr Trump expressed scorn for dead and wounded US soldiers in a series of remarks reported by sources close to his administration.

The article alleged the President rejected a visit to the French Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in 2018 as it was “filled with losers”.

An officer with “first hand” knowledge of the President’s views added he “doesn’t see the heroism in fighting”.

Even before the article dropped, Mr Trump had already surrendered voters to his rival.

The latest polls show he has surrendered yet another lead to Mr Biden, who now has a four-point advantage in one of the incumbent’s former strongholds.

The President once captured 20 percent of the vote from active-duty troops over Hillary Clinton, making the latest development one of the most dramatic.

Now, 60 percent of those same troops disapprove of his Presidency according to a Military Times poll, and the divide will only deepen from here.

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Republican veterans of Republican Voters Against Trump have spoken out against him in a new advert, pledging their support with Mr Biden.

Democrats have seized an opportunity to shore up their military support, and the former Vice President wasted no time in speaking out against his rival.

Speaking in person after the article emerged, Mr Biden branded the allegations “disgusting”, and suggested his rival was not fit to continue in his role.

He said: “If what is written in The Atlantic is true, it’s disgusting.”

“And it affirms what most of us believe to be true: that Donald Trump is not fit to do the job of president, to be the commander in chief.”

The President has denied all claims set against him, and prominent officials have flocked to his side.

But his opponents have found cause to believe otherwise, as Mr Trump has previously claimed he likes soldiers “who weren’t captured” when discussing late Senator John McCain.

He has made disparaging remarks about the Republican, and also attempted to take credit for a veterans bill Mr McCain passed in

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