US election fans can’t get enough of young Joe Biden aged 25 in throwback pic

Joe Biden fans can't get enough of the presidential candidate after a throwback picture of him emerged on social media.

US citizens are eagerly waiting for results as Donald Trump and Joe Biden go head to head in today's election, and some fans are taking a more positive approach after seeing young Mr Biden.

One Twitter user who posted a picture of the Democratic candidate said: "Whatever happens in Election2020 there's no denying that Joe Biden was (fire emoji) aged 25."

The photo which has been shared on Twitter shows Mr Biden reportedly aged 25, in 1967 according to claims.

Another user commented on the image and said: "Joe Biden in 1967, aged 25. Basically Captain America."

The picture has surfaced as voters make their way to cast their ballots in the historical election, which has seen a huge voter turnout with over 100 million opting to vote early.

Both Republican and Democrat candidates need to win enough votes from the electoral college to be named winner of the Presidential race.

It has also been reported Meghan Markle "voted early by mail" and will "eagerly await" the result of the USA’s historic election, a source has claimed.

Unlike the UK's parliamentary voting system, the US operates under a presidential system, meaning voters cast their ballot for a person instead of a political party.

Dr Gina Yannitell Reinhardt from the Department of Government at the University of Essex told the Mirror: "In America, the President is decided by the Electoral College system.

"Instead of voting for a presidential candidate, voters instead cast their ballot for an elector from their State.

"Each State gets a certain amount of votes in the electoral college. There are 538 votes to capture in the electoral college, so the key thing for each candidate is to win States rather than votes."

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