Unluckiest lottery player ever gets jackpot numbers – but on the wrong ticket

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A frustrated student believes he's the 'unluckiest lad in Britain' after missing out on the EuroMillions jackpot after he bought the wrong winning lottery ticket.

Rossi Carmina bought a ticket on January 3 after a pal noted he 'seemed a lucky person', but he was disappointed when The National Lottery app revealed he hadn't won a penny of the £14million prize later that week.

The 23-year-old swiped to check the winning numbers and was stunned to find every number matched – but he'd botched up his tickets.

Rossi had entered the January 7 EuroMillions draw four days in advance rather than the next day's January 4 one that matched his numbers – making his 'winning' ticket worthless.

A 'sickening' app screengrab displays the winning digits for January 4's draw, 18, 28, 35, 36, 41, 06 and 11, directly below Rosario's identical saved numbers.

Frustrated Rossi explains if he'd have bought a ticket for the following day's draw instead of entering January 7th rollover he'd be £14,189,900 richer – admitting he feels like 'the unluckiest lad in Britain'.

Rossi, from Bromley, south London, said: "It's lucky to have the chance for the numbers to match but to not buy the ticket is the complete opposite. You feel like the most unlucky person in Britain at the time.

"It hit home in the next two days. I was contemplating all the things I could have done. I could buy my mum a new home and buy a Ferrari. It's hard not to think about it. I'd have been set for life."

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The freelance artist has admitted that the 'crazy coincidence' has made it hard to concentrate on his uni deadline this month, but he hasn't been put off entering the lottery in future and will still buy a ticket 'every so often'.

Rossi's brother shared the screenshot of the agonising near-miss on Twitter where it went viral and was liked more than 2,500 times.

His 25-year-old brother Santo Carmina's Tweet said: "My brother's holding L of the year here. Literally just needed to buy a ticket to win £14 million."

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Many users have declared how they 'couldn't live with themselves' if they'd made the same mistake.

Masai Lincoln replied: "I would never be happy again."

Joey Thompson said: "And got the money in the account to buy a ticket even more sickening."

User Ments_95 added: "I feel sick."

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