UKs clown performers loving jobs again after horror movies threatened existence

The nation’s top clown performers say they’re finally seeing a resurgence in love for the profession.

Clowns have suffered after horror movies like IT and its evil character Pennywise threatened their fun-loving existence.

And it didn’t help that we had a bunch of clowns, led by Bozo Johnson and Coco Hancock, running the country during the pandemic.

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Comedians will next week descend on the capital for the London Clown Festival and they’re promising a week of mischief, mayhem and games for all the family.

They’re seeing a surge in appreciation again after the profession was impacted by Covid lockdowns and Brexit, which affected circuses that often rely on foreign stars.

The 2023 lineup includes an exciting, inspiring and eclectic mix of performers from countries all over the world.

And those involved hope it shows clowning is finally back on the up, with their slapstick humour becoming increasingly popular among families again.

Award-winning clown and comedy performer Sam Dugmore said it’s slowly getting back to how it was before the pandemic and people seem to be enjoying clown shows again.

“It had been a really difficult year (post-Covid) and it’s nice to see people coming back (to comedy) and also really nice to see everyone feeling well up for it,” he said.

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He stressed that modern clowning is far from the depiction in Stephen King scarefest IT as it’s all about pure joy and letting clowns “bring out people’s inner child.”

He added: “The thing with clowning is that it gives you this sort of ability to break down barriers and it’s easier to address serious matters that otherwise you wouldn’t be able to in a light-hearted way.”

And fellow performer and clown priestess, Lucy Hopkins, agreed that Covid and Brexit have had a massive impact on the clowning scene.

She said now that people are back they seem to be more willing to contribute and join in on the fun.

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“When we take part (in a clown show) we enter a playful state. It allows us to be more open-minded, like kids,” she said.

She added that modern clowning has evolved and feels more empowering compared to the image popularised in America.

Sam will be performing next Tuesday (13th) at this year’s London Clown Festival showcasing Manbo, a 60-min high-energy performance full of physical comedy, 80’s music and action.

To book your tickets visit: Soho Theatre

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