Ukrainians last chance to flee Donbas as Putins troops prepare huge onslaught

Ukrainians citizens in Donbas have been warned it is their 'last chance' to flee as Russian troops are expected to launch a massive onslaught there after their failure to take the capital in the east of the Capital.

The Kremlin has completed the pullout of 24,000 troops from Kyiv and Chernihiv in a tactical regroup as Vladimir Putin's troops plan to push east.

Russian soldiers have already been sent to Belarus to resupply and reorganise before the imminent attack, US intelligence sources said.

Luhansk regional governor Sergiy Gaiday said: "These few days may be the last chance to leave."

He also claims that the Russian military has begun trying to 'cut off' evacuation roots out of the region as they plan to 'liberate' the area.

However, a Western security official said it will take Russian forces up to a month to regroup for a major push after sustaining heavy losses in the first six weeks of the war.

On March 30, Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said troops had also been sighted leaving the capital Kyiv towards Belarus.

However, Kirby insists this is not a retreat, as they believe it is to resupply, refit, and then reposition as he explained: "We don't know exactly where these troops are going to go."

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Ukraine's President Zelenskyy has today warned that the Russians are continuing to 'accumulate fighting force to realise their ill ambitions in (eastern) Donbas'.

"They are preparing to resume an active offensive," he said.

Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk added: "Later, people will come under fire and we won't be able to do anything to help them."

The news comes after Putin's army is said to have suffered major losses since the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war on February 24.

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Lt Col Vitaly Slabtsov, 43, was an elite paratrooper buried with full military honours, say reports.

The body of the commander was placed in a closed coffin with a Russian flag draped over it, indicating he had suffered devastating wounds in the war. He was posthumously awarded the Order of Courage.

The grave of Vitaly Slabtsov became the 12th from the Ryazan military who died during a special operation in Ukraine, according to reports.

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