Ukrainian soldiers hurled from vehicle under terrifying mortar fire – VIDEO

Ukraine: Soldiers thrown from vehicle under mortar fire

This is the heart-in-mouth moment a Ukrainian soldier is hurled from a speeding army truck under fire from Russian mortar.

In the clip shared on Reddit page r/CombatFootageUkraine, a Ukrainian army truck can be seen pelting down the highway before appearing to come under attack.

The camera begins to shake erratically as the vehicle turns on its side, hurling a soldier onto the side of the road.

Luckily, the military man was unscathed and quickly helped up by another member of the Ukrainian Armed Forces after his close brush with death.

The video, posted by u/BlackMarine, is captioned: “Ukrainian soldier falling off vehicle while driving fast under mortar fire near Bakhmut, summer 2023.”

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On Monday, Ukrainian forces stopped a column of Russian tanks from advancing south of Bakhmut after battering it with artillery fire.

Hanna Maliar, a Ukrainian defence minister, said today that Ukrainian forces had retaken about 1.2 square miles of territory near Bakhmut over the past week.

Maliar told Ukrainian television on Monday: “In the south, the situation has not changed significantly, our defenders continue to advance towards (the occupied cities) of Berdyansk and Melitopol.

On Sunday, Ukraine also thwarted Russian attacks near Klishchiivka and Kurdyumivka, both of which are south-west of Bakhmut.

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Russian forces gained control of Bakhmut, which lies in the hotly contested Donetsk region, back in May.

It comes after a long period of frontline warfare involving various factions from both sides of the conflict.

Now, Ukraine has launched a major counteroffensive in an attempt to liberate Russian-occupied regions of Ukraine. Large parts south of Bakhmut remain the scene of constant fighting as the Ukrainian operation drags on gradually.

The Ukrainians initially withdrew from the city after nearly 10 months of defending it and are fighting hard to win it back. The Ukrainian armed forces have managed to advance several kilometres north and south of the city once home to 70,000 people.

Now, Bakhmut appears like something of a ghost town. Russia’s mercenary Wagner Group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin first declared it captured by his troops back in May.

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