Ukraine LIVE: Huge blow for Putin as mutinies erupt after suffering devastating losses

GB News: Putin's health 'impacting' his aggressive policies

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In its latest intelligence update, the ministry said there are “localised mutinies” among Russian troops. It said a “large proportion” of the losses are mid and junior ranking officers which will “likely exacerbate its ongoing problems in modernising its approach to command and control.” “With multiple credible reports of localised mutinies amongst Russia’s forces in Ukraine, a lack of experienced and credible platoon and company commanders is likely to result to a further decrease in morale and continued poor discipline,” the ministry added.


WATCH: Ukraine wipes out entire Russian supply base

Ukrainian forces have destroyed huge swathes of Russian supply vehicles after launched a barrage of artillery strikes in southeast Ukraine. 

The brutal ambush was captured on film, as the massive strikes took Russian positions in Huliaipole, Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

A drone video of the strikes was released by the Ukrainian Armed Forces on social media.

A statement from the bridge claimed that the Ukrainian forces threw the Russian forces “one hell of a party”. 

The Ukrainian Army Weapons Tracker later posted that “several supply vehicles were damaged/destroyed” in the assault.


Ukraine: Armed forces wipe out Russian supply base

Zelensky sacks security official who ‘only thought of himself’

Volodymyr Zelensky has sacked his former head of Ukraine’s top secutiy agency who “only thought of himself”.

After visiting the frontline in Kharkiv, the Ukrainian president revealed he has sacked the head of the SBU in the region, Roman Dudin, confirming that police are investigating his motives.

“He did not work to defend the city from the first days of the full-scale war but thought only of himself personally,” he said.

Zelensky’s chief of staff Andriy Yerkmak revealed that Ukrainian forces have taken back 5 percent of Kharkiv, but 31 percent remains occupied by Russia.

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