UK weather latest: 60mph storm heads for Britain – maps turn PURPLE as savage floods loom

UK weather: Met Office forecast widespread showers

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The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for rain on Wednesday and Thursday, with parts of Scotland and northwest England drenching in downpours up to 40-60mm over two days. Maps also hold wind gusts could reach as high as 60mph.

Maps from WXCharts said on Wednesday, the maximum wind gust will be 60mph by midday.

The charts show wind speeds up to 46mph striking the northwest of England, as well as the west coast of Wales and south England on Wednesday

By midday on Thursday, the harsh gusts will have moved south to Cornwall and Wales, with gusts up to 38pmh.

The gusts will then move eastwards across the midlands, with London to Manchester seeing 30mph buffets by 6pm.

Jim NR Dale, of British Weather Services, told the rain will be isolated to the northwest of the UK.

He said “40-60mm falling” across Wednesday and Thursday could cause “some local flooding’.

He then added: “Winds highest in far north & northwest, gusting +60 mph but mainly across areas used to such winds.

“All caused by nearby low pressure system & associated waving frontal system – driven by the jet stream.

“Not that unusual at this time of year.”

Two yellow weather warnings for rain have been issued by the Met Office, with Carlisle and Dumfries set to see “persistent and at times heavy rain”.

Carlisle’s wet weather warning is set to begin at 6am on Wednesday, and last through to midday on Thursday.

Dumfries’ warning comes into effect from midnight on Wednesday, and ends at 9pm.

The Met Office said “there is a small chance that homes and businesses could be flooded, causing damage to some buildings” in Carlisle.

In their long-range forecast for the week ahead, the Met Office said: “The weather will remain unsettled across the UK for the rest of October, with heavy rainfall likely to continue in the west.

“In the second half of the period, wettest in the west and northwest, but still with brief dry interludes.”

Paul Michaelwaite, Netweather forecaster, said of this week: “The North and west will see more of the wetter, windier weather, whereas those further southeast will see more in the way of dry conditions.

“The reason for the split is that, for the time being, low pressures are going to track nearer to the north of the country, allowing those further south and east to enjoy a bit more shelter and closer proximity to high pressure over the continent.

“A very similar setup is likely to persist right through the upcoming week, but with low pressure slowly furthering its influence in the south.

“Then by next weekend and the beginning of November, it does look likely that those further south will be getting in on the wet, windy action more often.”

It comes as charts hold chances of snow for Norwich by early November.

The heaviest flurry is expected just north of Leeds on Wednesday, November 3, around 6pm – where up to 1.5cm per hour could fall.

By midnight on Thursday, November 4, snow is expected to reach Norwich, with the heaviest flurries in the Bury St-Edmonds area.

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