UK to roast into autumn as African plumes brings 30C heatwave to reboot summer

The 30C heatwave set to reboot summer this with a surge of “African plumes” will roast the UK into autumn.

Rain-swept Brits will ditch umbrellas for sun-cream as wind and rain give way to sunshine and blue skies tipped to hold out through September.

Temperatures between now and the weekend are expected to rocket as the jet stream sweeps hot air in from Europe.

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Jim Dale, meteorologist for British Weather Services, said: “We are about to get a sea change from very unseasonable wet and windy weather to something much more like summer, with temperatures possibly heading towards 30C by the middle of the week.

“I think the peak of the temperatures will happen between Friday and Saturday, and we should be able to call this a mini heatwave.

“Although a heatwave must last three days or longer, we could see warm weather holding out for around five days to start with, particularly in the southeast which will see the best of the temperatures.

“Looking further, high pressure responsible for the change in weather may hold out through August, particularly in south-eastern regions.

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“So summer is certainly not lost.”

A ‘balancing’ of the weather could see sunshine and warmth largely return through September, he added.

He said: “September is fast becoming the new summer month, and there is no reason we should not see 30C during the month.

“We have had very unseasonable conditions during July, and as the weather balances through the rest of the season, it is possible we may see warm weather continue through September.”

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The outlook for the next couple of days is less cheery as Britain shivers in the tail end of Storm Antoni’s weekend hammering.

The Met Office said cool northerly gusts up to mid-week will keep temperatures on the chilly side.

However, temperatures are expected to soar from the south through the second half of the week.

The jet stream is forecast to shift during the second half of August, allowing high pressure to build across Britain and temperatures to rise.

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This could trigger a spate of ‘African plumes’, pushing temperatures above average through September.

The best of the temperatures will hit southern regions, while Scotland and northern England remain closer to average.

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