UK storm forecast: Unstable thunderstorm rampages to Britain with lightning and hail

BBC Weather: UK forecast possible thunder and lightning

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Nick Finnis, a forecaster at Netweather, highlighted a thunderstorm moving across the UK on Monday. Having started in Western Europe on Sunday, the storm will move towards western Ireland and “cover” the rest of the UK. The forecaster said that the “strong southerly flow” will bring “heavy thundery showers”, hail and “gusty winds”.

There is also a risk of lightning in western parts of England.

Weather forecaster WXCharts has forecast up to 10mm per hour of rain across the northwest today, with up to 4inches (10cm) per hour of snow in parts of Scotland.

Meanwhile, wind chill will cause some northern regions of the UK to feel as cold as -4C later today.

Actual minimum temperatures are set to reach lows of -1C today in Scotland, with the rest of the UK seeing temperatures between 2C and 4C.

Mr Finnis said: “Amplifying upper trough will move in across western Europe on Sunday, disrupting to form an upper low near Iberia on Monday.

“At the surface, a low will drift north over western Ireland and slowly fill.

“A strong southerly flow will cover much of the UK, which will be increasingly unstable with heavy thundery showers across western areas behind occluding front clearing east.

“Lapse rates will increasingly steepen from the west through the morning and into the afternoon across western areas, as increasingly cold mid-levels overspread with approaching upper trough from the west.

“Modest instability is forecast to develop across western areas in response to the steepening lapse rates, enhanced by surface heating in sunny spells, this will support scattered heavy showers – some of which will be accompanied by thunder, hail and gusty winds.

“Showers in the east this afternoon may also produce isolated lightning, but greatest risk will be in the west.”

This comes just a day after the UK was hit with Met Office wind warnings over the weekend.

The warnings were in force across multiple regions of the UK over Saturday and Sunday.

The forecaster had said: “A spell of wet and windy weather with coastal gales and heavy rain will develop during Saturday afternoon.

“Gusts in coastal areas are likely to reach 50-55 mph and perhaps as high as 60 mph in the most exposed parts of Cornwall and southwest Wales.

“Inland, gusts will tend to peak at 45-50 mph away from hills and mountains.

“Wind will then ease a little during the evening.”

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