UK snow weather forecast: Britain braced for 60mph blizzards as winter freeze hits – maps

BBC Weather: UK set for cold and showery conditions

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Meteorologists believe there is a strong chance for snow by the end of October, with 60mph winds blowing through Britain by next week. Maps hold that after an unseasonably balmy end to September and start to the month, regular autumnal conditions will return.

Adam Douty, AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist, told stormy weather patterns will look to form across the UK by next week.

He said: “It does look like a stormy weather pattern will be unfolding across the UK beginning early next week as several areas of low pressure track eastward from the Atlantic into northwestern Europe.

“This will likely bring several rounds of rain and wind across the region.

“Though it remains unclear as to if any of these systems will rise to the level of bring a windstorm, they can bring wind gusts of 30-40 mph to many areas, and perhaps wind gusts to 50-60 mph along the typically wind areas along the west coast leading to travel disruptions.

“It does look like this pattern will continue through the majority of the week, and may last into the end of October.”

The week up to Sunday October 17 sees typical autumnal conditions for the UK, with rainfall up to 1mm an hour seen throughout Scotland and windy and 16C temperatures across much of Britain.

WXCharts maps, which use data from the US National Center for Environmental Prediction, show however an Atlantic front of rainfall more across the UK.

At midnight on Monday October 18, Northern Ireland and the east coast of Britain will soak in rainfall up to 2.5mm an hour.

By midday, the worst of the rainfall will have subsided for large parts of the UK.

Maps for 6am on Tuesday see blustering winds up to 50mph in Cornwall, Wales and the north east of England.

Mr Douty said while there is no “big threat” of snowfall in the coming week, cooler air could move into northern areas by the end of October.

He said: “As far as the chance for snow – a pattern like this with an active storm track coming from the Atlantic typically does not mean a big threat for snow….especially if there is no cold air in place such as we have not.

“That being said, once we get towards end and of the month we may start to see some cooler air move into northern areas.

“With this, it would be possible to see some settling snow across the higher terrain of Scotland and northern England, though this is not too unusual given the time of year.“

It comes after Brian Gaze, director and forecaster for The Weather Outlook, warned there could be “nighttime frosts” towards the end of the month.

He said: ”Towards the end of the month, some computer models are indicating that high pressure will become centred to the north or west of the UK.

“If that happens there would be a growing likelihood of colder weather leading to a risk of nighttime frosts becoming quite widespread.

“There could be sleet or snow showers over high ground in the northern half of the UK.”

According to charts from, the whole of Wales is expected to see snowfall by 6am on October 24.

The west of Scotland is also predicted to see heavy snow as temperatures turn more wintry.

Due to the stormy front, graphs from WXCharts predict temperatures will fall to freezing in some areas towards the end of the month.

On October 24, the mercury is expected to drop to 0C (32F) north of the Border while some parts of Scotland may see the mercury drop to -1C (30F).

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