UK long-range forecast: Freezing -3C chill to blast Britain as more snow to hit – maps

Met Office’s long range forecast predicts cold weather

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In recent weeks the British Isles have been battered by severe weather conditions at times, creating chaos and disruption for residents. No fewer than five named storms have arrived since the start of 2022 and while forecasters aren’t predicting anymore in the near future temperatures are poised to become sub-zero during the next fortnight.

Saturday, March 5 to Friday, March 11

BBC weather forecasters have said: “An area of high pressure is nearby this weekend while a weak front may linger across south-east England on Saturday.

“High pressure will be over the North Sea on Monday morning; this will build and drift east as pressure falls over the north-east Atlantic.

“From Thursday, frontal systems approach the country from the west.”

Netweather is predicting no snow to fall within this period, however temperatures will begin to reach below zero in some places.

During this weekend a similar pattern will play out across both Saturday and Sunday, with cold snaps ranging from 0 to -3C.

Places that will be affected by these temperatures include the Scottish Highlands, English Pennines and Snowdonia in Wales.

By Monday parts of Cornwall, Devon and Somerset will experience sub-zero temperatures as cold spells begin to move further south.

In contrast, the remainder of next week will see the arrival of fairly mild weather for most of the UK. Here, temperatures will stay fixed between 5 and 8C.

Saturday, March 12 to Sunday, March 20

Moving into the middle of March the Met Office has said: “Temperatures looking to be rather below normal and perhaps feeling cooler in the wind.

“Through the period, frontal systems push eastwards which are likely to bring strengthening winds in addition to potential snowfall.”

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During the weekend, beginning on March 12, temperatures will continue to rise, growing to 12C in eastern parts of Lincolnshire and Yorkshire.

These will fluctuate slightly from Sunday (March 13) and Tuesday (March 15) before sub-zero temperatures make an appearance again.

Overnight on Tuesday western parts of all four nations that make up the UK will see cold snaps of up to -3C.

Unlike the previous week, these will take longer to clear – past midday – and persist at similar points between Wednesday (March 16) and Sunday (March 20).

From this point, Netweather forecasters are anticipating the risk of snow falling to increase significantly.

On Thursday (March 17) high ground areas in Scotland are ranked at an 80 to 90 percent likelihood of experiencing snow showers.

By 6pm that evening the risk of wintry conditions will spread further south, covering the English Pennines and most of Wales at similar probabilities.

Periods of snow are expected to be less frequent on Friday (March 18) although they are still likely to affect areas of northern Scotland from 6am until midday – 80 percent chance.

On Saturday (March 19) snow showers – a likelihood of between 80 and 95 percent – are predicted to grow in their intensity once more and impact parts of southern Scotland and the English Pennines.

Then, on Sunday (March 20) the risk of snow is predicted to remain, but this time the chance of showers occurring anywhere other than high ground areas of Scotland will fall to as low as 55 percent.

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