UK hot weather forecast: Red-hot 25C temperatures to strike again this week– latest charts

Britain has been basking in warm spring weather this April with temperatures over the Easter weekend reaching highs of 26C. Now, thermometers are expected to rise once again with conditions likely to reach near 25C this week, forecasters claim. According to the latest weather charts, the red-hot temperatures will grip the country for much of the week, with Britons able to enjoy “wall to wall sunshine” on balconies and in their gardens.

Some reports have suggested the UK could near over 300-year-old records. BBC Weather forecaster, Simon King, responded to reports that this month could go down as the ‘Hottest April since 1659’.

He wrote on Twitter: “Some tabloids this morning report it being the ‘Hottest April since 1659’. Central England Temperature is a series that goes all the way back to 1659.

“April 2020 currently running at fifth in this record. Warm week to come so could definitely be one of the warmest.”

Speaking to, the Met Office added the UK would likely see “wall to wall sunshine” for much of this week.

The Met Office’s Bonnie Diamond said: “It’s going to be a week of wall to wall sunshine for much of the country, very little rainfall. Temperatures warming up day on day.

“I wouldn’t rule out the likes of Greater London areas and southern regions even reaching 25C.”

Asked whether this week could see the hottest day of the year, beating the 26.0C recorded in Treknow, Cornwall on April 10, Ms Diamond said: “Although 26C might be a bit of a push – it’s not impossible with light winds and sun-traps.”

She added: “Likely Friday is going to be a similarly warm day but as we head towards the weekend, we are likely to lose the southwesterly wind and a return to less warm temperatures and more in the way of unsettled conditions.”

Thursday could be the warmest day of the week for some, with 23C, 24C or maybe 25C in the south

BBC Weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood

Looking at the week ahead, BBC Weather forecaster, Carol Kirkwood, said: “For many of us for the next couple of days we are going to be looking at blue skies, but there is also a keen easterly wind – that’s taking the edge off the temperatures, particularly on the east coast. That won’t ease until mid-week.

“We also have a weather front which has been coming out of France, which has been producing all this cloud across the Channel Islands and South West England, bringing some rain, but as we go through the afternoon that will continue to move away, so lots of us seeing blue skies, gusty winds as well.”

Looking at Tuesday the weather forecaster claimed much of the UK would wake up to sunshine – which would remain for much of the day.

She added: “As we move from Tuesday into Wednesday the high pressure dominating our weather starts to weaken. The isobars slacking so it’s not going to be as windy – it won’t feel as cold.

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“What we have got through the course of Wednesday is a lot of sunshine. A cold start – but that won’t last very long and with the lighter winds, it is going to feel better.”

Ms Kirkwood said on Thursday there would be “a lot of dry weather” for much of the country.

She added: “Thursday could be the warmest day of the week for some, with 23C, 24C or maybe 25C in the south.”

The Met Office’s long-range forecast from Friday, April 24 to Sunday, May 3, suggests the warm and dry conditions are likely to continue, with an added “risk of thunder and lightning”.

It reads: “It is expected to be largely fine and dry with plenty of sunshine to start this period, with any risk of showery conditions confined to the south of England.

“When, at times, unsettled conditions reach the south, it may also carry a risk of thunder and lightning.

“Temperatures are expected to be rather warm for most, but perhaps cool along eastern coastline.”

Moving forward into spring, the long-range forecast claims temperatures will move nearer towards average for this time of year, with “overnight frosts isolated to sheltered northern regions”.

The forecast added: “The largely sunny, settled conditions with light winds are expected to continue until the end of April, when showery, unsettled conditions may become more widespread and extend further north.”

Leading bookmakers have even slashed odds on this week to see the hottest day of the year, so far.

Jessica O’Reilly of Ladbrokes said: “The forecast looks stunning this week, and the scorching weather looks set to see the hottest day of the year.”

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