UK and US special forces gearing up for mission to rescue Zelensky -Distance is critical

Ukraine: Zelensky is an 'example for the world' says deputy

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Since Russia launched its invasion in the early hours of February 24, Ukraine has endured brutal attacks from Putin’s army as troops move slowly towards Kyiv. Yesterday, a ceasefire was called in the port city of Mariupol, but the Mayor revealed Russian forces have intensified shelling in the Ukrainian city despite the agreement, causing chaos in planned evacuations.

Meanwhile, in Kherson, the only large city to have fallen to the Russian army thus far, Ukrainian residents staged a mass protest.

Despite the brave and relentless fighting from the Ukrainian army and volunteers, Russian troops continue to head towards the capital and some reports claim they may be as close as 7km away.

Russian Spetsnaz special forces reportedly are in the country targeting the President as Mr Zelensky has previously said he is “target number one” for Russian assassins in Kyiv and his wife and children are “number two”.

He said on his social media: “I know that a lot of misinformation and rumours are being spread now. In particular, it is claimed that I have left Kyiv. 

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“I remain in the capital, I am staying with my people. My family is not a traitor, but a citizen of Ukraine.

“According to our information, the enemy marked me as the number one target. My family is the number two goal. 

“They want to destroy Ukraine politically by destroying the Head of State.”

However, when Joe Biden offered to help Mr Zelensky out of the war-torn country, he said: “I need ammunition, not a ride.”

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But now, it has been reported troops from the UK, US and Ukraine have reportedly come together at a remote base in Lithuania to plan a rescue mission. 

This comes after the former actor survived three assassination attempts in a week after plots were foiled by double agents.

Around 70 British elite soldiers and 150 US Navy Seals are training for a rescue mission alongside Ukrainian forces, the Sun revealed.

A senior source told the publication: “The most likely sensible option could be to relocate Zelensky out of Kyiv where he could be picked up.

“We have aircraft but the distance is critical.”

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