Twisted serial killer Christmas jumpers slammed for celebrating evil Ted Bundy

Twisted Christmas jumpers and t-shirts are being sold with the grinning faces of evil serial killers.

Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer are just two of the convicted mass murderers emblazoned on festive clothing which typically feature the likes of Santa and Rudolph.

Serial killer expert Jen Monte works to raise awareness of how the world's most dangerous men end up robbing the lives of so many.

She told the Daily Star that novelty items such as the Christmas jumpers sold by Serial Killer Shop, adds to the trauma suffered by the families of murder victims.

A grinning cartoon of murderous rapist Bundy, who confessed to killing 30 people, is creepily captioned on a black jumper with Mariah Carey's lyrics "All I want for Christmas is you".

Dahmer, who is known as The Milwaukee Monster for dismembering 17 men and boys, is pictured beating a drum with one hand and wielding a power drill in the other.

Playing on the 1958 Christmas song, the fair haired killer is labelled 'The Little Driller Boy' and is accompanied on a T-shirt with a dark twist on the lyrics, "Pa-Yum Yum Yum Yum" in reference to his cannibalism.

Jen, who has a Masters in Forensic Psychology and a background in criminal justice, runs the blog page Serial Killer Awareness followed by more than 5,000 readers.

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She told the Daily Star there is a difference between being fascinated by wicked crimes and going around wearing a 'sarcastic' top with murderers faces on.

Jen said: "Sadly serial killers gain notoriety and become famous. Horror fans like myself love to learn about their crimes because the serial killer goes against the very fabric of goodness. The serial killer is the epitome of a real life monster.

"The t-shirts being sold while being meant sarcastically only add to the family's ongoing trauma."

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Ed Gein Butcher of Plainfield or the Plainfield Ghoul, is another historic beast pictured in the seasonal collection.

A sweatshirt being sold by the shop for £26 includes an animated face of the murder and corpse mutilator, wearing a comical red nose and antlers.

The slogan reads: "Edward the red nosed Geindeer"

The Serial Killer Shop says on the page of its festive apparel: "Welcome to our serial killer Christmas collection – where you'll find the best horror and serial killer Christmas sweaters and t-shirts.

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"From horror Christmas shirts to true crime holiday sweatshirts there's something for everyone. All of our Christmas clothing is limited edition and printed on premium apparel. Ho Ho Ho."

Night Stalker Richard Ramirez killed at least 14 victims and raped and tortured at least two dozen more including kidnapping and molesting children.

He was convicted in 1989 but is now the face of a Christmas jumper designed in eerily bad taste.

On the front of a black jumper is Ramirez donning a Santa hat beside a spin on the famous lyrics "He sees you when you're sleeping he kills when you're awake".

The Daily Star approached Serial Killer Shop for comment.

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