Trudeau says feds likely to urge against international travel over coronavirus fears

The Canadian government appears set to recommend citizens do not travel internationally in order to try to limit the spread of the new coronavirus disease known as COVID-19.

In an interview with CBC’s The Current on Friday morning, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was asked whether the government is looking at further measures on the border to crack down on the spread of the virus and what else could be done to contain it.

He said much of the power right now rests on Canadians themselves but that the government is also considering urging against any foreign travel.

“Instead of feeling completely powerless, Canadians do have a capacity to affect how this unfolds in Canada and, to a certain extent, around the world,” he said.

“We are looking at making a recommendation that people not travel outside the country except for exceptional purposes. That’s an announcement that will likely come later today.”

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