Truck driver mows down six cyclists while trying to scare them in road rampage

A 16-year-old ran over six cyclists in an 'attempt to puff fuel into their faces', a witness claims.

The group were training for an upcoming Ironman challenge when a teenage motorist "tried scaring them", says Chase Ferrell who was cycling with them.

Chase said: "I heard a lot of crunching. I heard brakes. Tires screeching. People screaming."

The Waller County Sheriff from Texas, US, confirmed four of the six cyclists were taken to hospital – two of whom by helicopter – following the incident.

A pick-up vehicle drew their training ride to a devastating halt on Saturday morning as the cyclists made their way on the state's old 290 road, about two miles west of Waller.

They were 75 miles into their journey on two wheels when the black diesel truck began to slow down beside him before accelerating again to blow smoke in his direction, Chase claims.

He said: "A kid in a black truck attempted to "roll coal" us where they accelerate past blowing diesel exhaust on a cyclist.

"It made me mad, so I accelerated to try to catch up to him, so I could take a picture of his truck, take a picture of him or his license plate or something."

Just as the driver had done so to him, Chase says he tried doing the same thing to the rest of the team further forward on the road.

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Hearing the bone-crunching carnage led Chase to fear the worst, he said: "When I pulled up on the scene, I thought I was going to be pulling up to people that were dead."

But the cyclist does not believe the motorist deliberately made an attempt to smash them off their saddles, Click2Houston reports.

Chase added: "The reason he couldn’t stop is because he was accelerating to blow more diesel fuel on these cyclists.

"He ended up hitting three people before his brakes even started.

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"There was no reason for this to happen.

"It wasn’t like he was on his phone. [He] definitely meant to try and scare these people [or] intimidate them in some way. [Maybe he then] made a mistake and ran them over."

The 16-year-old driver involved in the mass collision remained at the scene for police to arrive but was not arrested, Chase says. The unharmed cyclist has since urged fellow cyclists to be vigilant of others.

"Right now is prime time for cyclists and people for to be outside working out. Please, be careful," Chase continued.

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