Tortoise fitted with wheels after horrific rat attack was fighter throughout

A tortoise attacked by rats and left with severe injuries has been given a new set of wheels to get about on.

Eddie, a 23-year-old Hermann's tortoise, is now said to be “even faster” following his modification.

Eddie came under attack from the vermin while he was snoozing in a garden in Warrington, Cheshire, chewing his front legs and causing injuries so bad they had to be amputated.

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Exotic pet specialist Dr Sergio Silvetti, of Rutland House Veterinary Hospital, St Helens, then ingeniously fitted the pet with Meccano wheels to make up for the loss.

Eddie's family are said to be "over the moon" with the solution and his recovery.

The tortoise had escaped from his enclosure in the night when he stopped on the grass to take a kip, but it was then that the rats made their move on the unsuspecting reptile.

In the morning, Eddie’s owners Ben and Emma McNicholas found him covered in blood and lifeless, ITV reports.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Charlotte Cooke, client care manager of Rutland House said: “The rat had chewed through two front legs, gnawing all the way down to the bone.

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"Eddie still had exposure of [his] forearm, of the bone. So [the injuries] were up to how we would say our elbow. You could see the bone.

“We did everything we could to save Eddie’s arms. We cleared them out and he had bandages on for a couple of weeks but they just weren’t getting any better.

“So the best thing for Eddie was to amputate what was left and give him his wheels.”

The loss of Eddie’s legs was “of massive concern”, with the options available to him and his family limited.

Charlotte said that one of the options was to “put Eddie to sleep”.

“Eddie was a fighter the whole way through so Sergio looked at what we could do and eventually came up with the idea of giving him some wheels”.

“I’ve been in this practice two years and it's the first time I’ve seen the wheels be put on [an animal].

“Obviously we are always looking for ideas and to reinvent and help our patients as best we can.”


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