Topless XR protester says theres someone Im fighting for in emotional post

A topless campaigner baring her breasts forExtinction Rebellionhas lashed out at critics – insisting her protests aren't a "publicity stunt".

Laura Amherst, 31, has been snapped topless outside Downing Street, Oxford Circus and the City of London in recent weeks.

The politics student has vowed to go on a “boob world tour” in order to spread her message across the world.

Ms Amherst, who lives in Brighton and is studying at the Open University, is a passionate member of XR along with her boyfriend.

Trolls have previously lashed out at the campaigner online, and accused her of seeking attention.

Ms Amherst recently shared a picture of a child on her Instagram, and said she has “someone I’m fighting for”.

She wrote: “Their life means more to me than my own does. Screw all of you that thinks this is a shallow publicity stunt or money making scheme.

“You have no idea of what my heart truly is and the sacrifices I have had to make, and the traumas I have been through.

“If you understood the heartbreak I’ve experienced in my life I think you may try to tread more carefully over my heart.

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“Your insulting messages give me anxiety. For the bold efforts I don’t have thick skin and I have cried over some reactions that I have got.

“Any insulting message is going to be automatically deleted and accounts will be automatically blocked with no warning for the sake of my mental health.”

Ms Amherst joined thousands of other protesters last week for the Impossible Rebellion protests.

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She held a cardboard sign reading "Citizens Assembly on Climate Change, demanding an end to fossil fuel funding.

Ms Amherst usually covers herself with strategically placed XR stickers – but this time she was fully exposed.

She previously said her boyfriend and dad were “very supportive” of her campaigning.

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The protester told MailOnline: "But it's got nothing to do with them because this is my body and I'm my own woman.

"They both know how passionate I am about saving the planet.

"I wasn't nervous about it at all and I felt that it made a lot of people happy."

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