Timeline of Nottingham attack tragedy that saw three slain in the street

Three people have been tragically killed and another left in hospital, following the shocking attacks at the centre of Nottingham yesterday (June 13).

Cops confirmed that two 19-year-olds and a man in his sixties died after a man in his thirties was arrested on suspicion of murder.

The victims had been stabbed in the early hours of the morning with others being run over by a van, according to police.

Barnaby Webber, a keen sportsman, and Grace Kumar, a first team hockey player, had both been walking home from a night out when they were attacked at about 4am by the as-yet-unnamed assailant.

The Daily Star has compiled a timeline of the tragic events that have unfolded so far.

4am, June 13 – Witness heard 'blood-curdling screams'

Cops were called to Ilkeston Road, near the centre of the city, after a member of the public said two people were unresponsive after being stabbed in the street.

A witness told the BBC that he saw two young people being stabbed and heard “awful, blood-curdling screams” before he looked out of his window to see a "guy dressed all in black with a hood and rucksack grappling with some people.”

"I saw him stab the lad first and then the woman. It was repeated stabbing – four or five times. The lad collapsed in the middle of the road.

"The girl stumbled towards a house and didn't move. The next minute she had disappeared down the side of a house and that's where they found her.

"I'd say it all happened within five or six minutes. The attacker then just walked off up Ilkeston Road towards town, as calm as anything."

5am – Man in his 50s found dead

Residents of Ilkeston Road said that police went up and down the street asking them if they had any CCTV footage.

Police said a man in his 50s was found dead from knife injuries in Magdala Road by a member of the public and police believe the suspect stole the man's van before driving off.

Petra Gyuricska and her husband, Miklos Toldi, told the Guardian they were the first to discover his body

She said: “I was just leaving for work … my husband gave me a lift, and then we were leaving and we saw the body lying … on the floor, and then we saw the blood and I just told my husband to stop. I tried to call 999 but I couldn’t get connection. Someone else came as well – [in] another car – and he called.

“We stayed … first a police car came, and then another two police cars came, and then an ambulance came. The police, they started CPR but it was too late. I mean, you could just see.”

5:30am – Van went 'straight into people'

Roughly a mile away on Milton Street, a van was seen trying to run over three pedestrians.

Lynn Haggitt said: "He looked in his mirror, saw a police car behind him. He then quickened up. There were two people, two in the corner, he went straight into these two people.

"The woman went on the kerb, the man went up in the air. There was such a bang. I wish I never saw it. It's really shaken me up.

One man was taken to hospital in a critical condition while two others were believed to have suffered minor injuries.

Shortly after the incident on Milton Street, cops were seen dragging a man out of a white van on Bentinck Road less than a mile north of Ilkeston Road. They used a Taser on him and arrested him on suspicion of murder.

A student, Josh Fenner, 20, said he believes he heard a shot after waking up at 5.30am as the officers were dealing with the van.

9:37am – Police confirm three dead

The force confirmed three people died in the attack, with a 31-year-old man held on suspicion of murder.

Chief Constable Kate Meynell said: "This is an horrific and tragic incident which has claimed the lives of three people.

"We believe these three incidents are all linked and we have a man in custody.

"This investigation is at its early stages and a team of detectives is working to establish exactly what has happened."

1pm – Armed police dispatched to property

Armed police could be seen standing outside a property in Ilkeston Road.

Nic Chuter, a former emergency planner who lives nearby the scene, said he was greeted by armed police officers as he left the house.

He said: "[The] first thing we saw this morning when I took the children to nursery was someone calling me over with a very large gun saying 'hello, what are you up to?'

"We're not able to use the car as it's being counted as part of a crime scene, so everything within the cordon is staying put."

2:30pm – Police keeping 'open mind'

Nottinghamshire Police said they were keeping an "open mind" over the attacker's motive while working alongside their counter-terror colleagues to "establish the facts".

Counter-terrorism police are assisting Nottingham Police's detectives, who are leading the investigation.

Cops are currently trying to locate any phones or computers the suspect used, and examining their contents, in order to understand what happened and why.

"We are keeping an open mind as we investigate the circumstances surrounding these incidents and are working alongside Counter Terrorism Policing to establish the facts – as we would normally do in these types of circumstances," Chief Constable Kate Meynell said.

5:30pm – Vigil held for victims 'cruelly taken away'

A vigil attended by hundreds was held at St. Peter’s Church in the centre of the city. The Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham, the Rt Revd Paul Williams, said the impromptu service was an opportunity to "pray for those whose lives have so cruelly taken away".

Becky, a student at Nottingham Trent University who lived one street over from Ilkeston Road last year, told the BBC: "It’s so sad to think [victims] will have finished their year, and this has happened, it’s heartbreaking," she said.

“It’s scary, I don’t think I’ll ever feel fully safe here now."

6pm – Police confirm ages of those killed

Police confirmed two 19-year-olds and man in his 50s were killed in the attacks, and that they were not looking for any more suspects.

The force also said the families of the victims had been informed.

It added that a motive for the horrific attack remains unclear, but revealed that the van used to run three people over was stolen from one of the victims.

Reports later confirmed the two 19-year-olds were students Barnaby Webber and Grace Kumar.

8am, June 14 – Tributes pour in for victims

The families of the two dead students have paid tribute following their untimely demises.

Barnaby's family said: “Complete devastation is not enough to describe our pain and loss at the senseless murder of our son.

“Barnaby Philip John Webber was a beautiful, brilliant, bright young man, with everything in life to look forward to.

“A talented and passionate cricketer, who was over the moon to have made selection to his university cricket team.

“At 19 he was just at the start of his journey into adulthood and was developing into a wonderful young man.

“As parents we are enormously proud of everything he achieved and all the plans he had made.

“His brother is bereft beyond belief, and at this time we ask for privacy as a family to be allowed time to process and grieve."

Meanwhile, England Hockey said of the "talented" Grace Kumar: "We are all deeply saddened by the news of the tragic death of Grace Kumar in Nottingham on Tuesday.

"Grace was a popular member of the England U16 and U18 squads and our thoughts are with Grace’s family, friends, teammates and the whole hockey community at this time."

Grace's family are said to be too distraught to comment. Her dad is understood to be Sanjoy Kumar, a GP who helped saved victims of a stabbing in 2009.

11am – School caretaker named as third victim

The third victim of the mass killing has been named as school caretaker Ian Coates, who was in his 60s when he tragically passed away.

Police originally said he was in his 50s in an earlier statement.

He was found fatally stabbed in Magdala Road in the early hours of Tuesday.

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