Tim Martin wants to turn Buckingham Palace into Wetherspoons now Queen has left

Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin has said he wants to turn Buckingham Palace into a pub now that the Queen has permanently moved to Windsor Castle.

The popular chain pub boss has said the move would be a perfect opportunity for the Royal Family, who could make some extra cash in a conversion of palace to pub.

The 66-year-old was keen to convert the property into a pub kitted out with a beer garden, taking "a section" of the historic building and turning it into a boozer.

The founder and chairman of Wetherspoons told MyLondon: "The Queen's moved out early. Perfect opportunity for Timbo."

Martin continued: "I wouldn't even insist on taking over the whole of Buckingham Palace, I'd just take a section and a bit of garden. The Royal Family could earn a bit of income and I could feature in the Trooping the Colour."

The Wetherspoons chairman said the Queen would always be welcome back to her old home for a drink, with Martin saying: "She likes a sherbert, so I've heard on the grapevine."

It isn't the only ambitious plan Martin has, setting his sights on converting the House of Lords into a prime pub location.

Martin said people could "come in, look around," and that he would "preserve the old features".

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His ambitious pub plan comments come from an interview with MyLondon, where Martin also spoke of the impact coronavirus lockdown had on his drinking.

Martin said: "I'd never drunk at home until lockdown. I was the type of guy that always had to go out for a couple of pints in the evening.

"The pub is a social place, a melting pot for communities. If you can't go there it isn't a melting pot, people tend to stick to their own tight little circles, which isn't as good and not good as a country."

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