TikTok star, 23, falls to her death while trying to take video of sunset on roof

A Turkish woman fell to her death when a roofing sheet broke while she was filming a sunset video for TikTok.

Kubra Dogan, 23, was visiting her cousin Helen, 16, at her family apartment in the district of Esenyurt in the Turkish province of Istanbul when the pair decided to take the trip.

According to the news site Haberler, the two cousins decided to go to the roof to watch the sunset and shoot TikTok videos.

After spending a while on the roof taking photos, a roofing sheet gave way under Kubra’s weight.

Kubra suddenly plummeted about 50 metres, or 164 feet, into a well below.

In footage of the tragic incident, the victim is seen sitting on the edge of the roof before the sheet is heard breaking.

Then, the woman disappears from view in front of her stunned teen cousin.

Helen immediately went to inform her family of the incident and the emergency services were called to the scene, however, paramedics could only confirm the 23-year-old woman’s death.

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According to the news site Sabah, Kubra's family plan to sue the roofing contractor who installed the sheets on the roof.

Kubra's uncle Nebi Dogan told the outlet: "There is a big flaw in the contractor there.

"As soon as the girl puts her foot, it breaks and (she) falls to the ground from the 9th floor."

Meanwhile, Kubra's body will be handed over to her family for burial following an autopsy.

The investigation is ongoing.

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