Three oil tankers EXPLODE after Iran-backed rebels deploy ‘kamikaze drone’ attack

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Yemen’s Houthi rebels, backed by Iran, have taken responsibility for the attack. They are reportedly equipped with “kamikaze drones”, supplied by Tehran. According to Abu Dhabi police, a fire broke out on a construction site at Abu Dhabi International Airport as a result of the strike.

Three fuel tankers also exploded in the industrial Musaffah area near storage facilities of oil firm ADNOC.

Mohamed al-Bukhaiti, Houthi senior figure, said the military strike targeted the UAE following the deal between UAE and Saudi Arabia, local news outlet Gulf Online reported.

He warned that further strikes will take place.

In a statement to state news agency WAM, police said: “Initial investigations found parts of a small plane that could possibly be a drone at both sites that could have caused the explosion and the fire.”

It added that there was no “significant damage” from the incident.

The UAE has been at war in Yemen since the start of 2015.

It was a key player in the Saudi-led coalition that attacked the Houthi rebels, after the overran the capital.

There was no “significant damage” from the incidents and a full investigation has been launched, the statement added.

A military spokesman for the Houthi’s said the group launched a military operation “deep in the UAE”.

It has previously threatened to attack the country, having launched cross-border missile and drone attacks on Saudi Arabia.

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