Thief stops outside house, digs up artificial turf then walks away with roll

A family was stunned when they woke up to find their patch of lush green astroturf stolen from their front yard.

Courtney Henderson, 25, and her family re-watched the home security footage and spotted a guy rolling up their patch of artificial grass at around 9pm on Sunday (November 7).

In the clip, the man, who Courtney described he was wearing a bucket hat and holding a can, walks past the house along the pavement outside her home in Heywood, Rochdale.

He steps into the front yard and starts rolling up the whole patch of fake grass and walks away.

"You've got to laugh about it really," Courtney told Manchester Evening News.

"I just don't get how no one has seen a man walking down the street with a roll of grass. I don't think it could be someone trying to sell it for money because it's the tiniest thing ever, it must only be worth around £100 at most."

Courtney said when she tried to explain and show the picture to people, they just started laughing as they can't understand why someone would steal something so small in value.

She also recalled her mum's initial reaction when she found on the bizarre incident.

"My mum opened the curtains and was like where's the grass gone?" she told the site.

"They've literally left everything else but the grass. It's like the smallest piece of grass ever."

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But with the missing turf, the family will have to replace it with new grass and the task will fall on Courtney's dad.

She added: "It took my dad ages to perfect it and now he's going to have to start again. He's not found the time to replace it yet.

"But he's not going to hear the end of it, we literally keep laughing about it because it's just so unbelievable."

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