The 10-year Treasury just crossed 4%

Yields on the 10-year Treasury note climbed above 4% for the first time since last fall.

Why it matters: The 10-year note is a key financial benchmark, reflecting more than just the rising costs the U.S. will pay for its debt. These longer-term Treasury yields also influence the cost of almost every other form of borrowing, from corporate bond offerings to mortgage rates for homebuyers.

Catch up fast: The recent rise in rates on long-term U.S. Treasury securities started soon after the super strong January jobs report and a series of stronger-than-expect inflation readings.

  • The remarkably hot economic data has driven a rapid investor reassessment of the previously widespread view that the Fed would soon be able to ease off its interest rate hikes.

The bottom line: Higher interest rates — both the short-term rates the Fed controls and the longer-term rates that are set in the market for Treasury bonds — look to be around for a while longer.

  • That may mean another ugly year for stocks.

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