Terrified woman films man climbing into her car through sunroof in road rage row

A woman was left in shock when a driver climbed into her car through the sunroof during an intense road rage confrontation.

Danielle Levesque said she nearly slammed into the man's Toyota pickup truck when he allegedly brake-checked her, which sent her dog flying to her dashboard.

Filming the confrontation as evidence, she then went back into her car and unexpectedly captured the driver's erratic behaviour on camera.

In the clip viewed by 5.7 million views, Danielle writes: "This guy literally jumped through my sunroof. Locking your doors just won't do it, keep that sunroof closed for psychos like this."

While she is pointing the camera towards herself, a rumbling noise can be heard before a man in a red shirt appears from behind her.

The man reaches for her phone and grabs it from her hands.

Danielle screams: "Are you kidding me?"

She explains in a follow-up video and clarifies that the man was not her father, adding: "He chased me into my car and I proceeded to lock the doors and try to get my phone out.

"And I was trying to turn my camera around to face the window because it was facing me, and he proceeded to crawl into my sunroof as I was trying to do that.

"He brake checked me and my service dog flew to my dashboard."

Many viewers sent their good wishes to Danielle for a speedy recovery from the trauma.

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A TikToker commented: "The fear in your voice! I hope you're doing better now."

"This feels so scary. Good for you to have this on camera as evidence," a second added.

One said: "Girl I'm so sorry everyone is ignoring what happened. That is so terrifying."

She replied: "Thank you, it happened so fast I didn't think to even shut my sunroof and I couldn't even drive off because he was blocking my car while holding my phone."

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