Terrified kitten flushed down drain caught in net by skilled firefighters

A soaked kitten used up one of its nine lives when it was flushed down a drain only to be caught by a heroic firefighter who was waiting further down the pipe.

It's not known how the curious young cat ended up in a storm drain in the US city of Georgetown in Texas, but it is likely it was looking for food or shelter or just fell in.

The video, recorded on Monday September 15, shows a pair of firefighters stand in the surging water with an open net.

Suddenly, a kitten zips into the frame as quick as an exploding champagne cork and is launched at the net by the force of the water, only to shoot right over it.

With split-second reflexes, a firefighter catches the kitten with his bare hands and holds up the startled animal.

"We've caught it," a voice says in the background.

The dazed kitten is wide-eyed in the hands of the firefighter who saved it.

The incident took place in the neighbourhood of Teravista on September 14.

After many fruitless hours of trying to rescue the kitten, firefighters flushed it further down the pipe to catch it.

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According to the Georgetown Texas Fire Department, the kitten was heard meowing inside the storm drain and multiple attempts to save it using other techniques had failed.

It took the fire department around two and a half hours to rescue the trapped feline.

Writing on Facebook the fire department said: "The kitten is in good shape and being taken care of by a generous citizen overnight.

"It is going to the Williamson County Animal Shelter in the morning.

"Great job Station 1! A big thank you to the citizens of Teravista for your help and support."

The video has been watched hundreds of times, with people thanking the fire service for saving the helpless animal.

"God Bless All Of You for rescuing this sweetheart," wrote one person.

A second viewer said: "Aww thank you!!! You guys rock!"

The firefighter holding the kitten in the video joked in the comments section that the footage stopped recording "right before he bit me".

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