‘Terminator’ machete Tube attacker Ricky Morgan sentenced to life in prison

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A “Terminator” Tube attacker who chased down a commuter and hacked him with a machete has been sentenced to life with a minimum term of 16 years in prison.

Ricky Morgan was earlier this year found guilty of the unprovoked attack on a packed Tube which was compared to a “horror movie” and the Arnold Schwarzenegger sci-fi film Terminator.

Today in court the judge described the incident as “every Tube traveller’s nightmare”.

The sentencing had been delayed so that a report into Morgan's plea of insanity was prepared.

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In May, Morgan denied attempted murder on grounds of insanity but was found guilty by a jury at the Old Bailey after two days of deliberations.

He was also convicted of possessing a machete and a lock knife.

“This is not a terror attack, I only want him,” horrified onlookers heard Morgan, 34, say.

Victim James Porritt suffered a severe injury to his hand in the random rampage.

Prosecutor Grace Ong had told jurors that Mr Porritt and Morgan were complete strangers.

She said: “This was, the prosecution say, a completely unprovoked attack on a commuter on the Jubilee line going about his daily business.”

The victim, a self-employed businessman, was heading from the gym to meet his girlfriend and her father on the evening of July 9 last year when the random attack took place.

He was looking at his phone and feeling nervous about the family meeting when he heard a scream.

The next thing he knew was the defendant hitting him over the head, the court was told.

He said: “I was pleading ‘Please stop, please stop’.

“I was in shock, it was like a horror movie. I genuinely thought he was going to kill me.”

Mr Porritt said he did not feel anything but saw the blood as Morgan smashed an object over his head.

He said: “He was just hitting me. It did not make sense. I didn’t understand why this guy was hitting me. There was no confrontation. There was no issue, it was just bang, (he) started hitting me.

“He was like a machine. It was like that movie Terminator.

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“He was emotionless. He did not seem to have any kind of compassion. But it seemed very focused and relentless and he was just hellbent on doing what he was doing."

Mr Porritt described the machete as like something out of Arabian Nights.

He added: “It was just like he was a predator and he was hunting, and he decided he was hunting me.”

He managed to get away and through a carriage door, while holding the severed parts of his hand together.

As well as the severe injury to his right hand, Mr Porritt suffered bone-deep cuts to his head and shin, jurors were told.

On being confronted by police, Morgan dropped the blade, put his hands up and got on the floor.

He told officers it was “a road issue” not a “terrorist attack”, adding: “If I had known it would cause this much drama I would not have done it.”


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