Teen girl among three killed after boy, 13, smashed stolen Mercedes into her

A teenage girl is among the three people who were mown down by a 13-year-old boy who crashed an allegedly stolen Mercedes Benz into them.

Kelsie Davies, from Oakhurst, Australia, was slaughtered just a few weeks before her 18th birthday in the tragic crash that killed two more people in Maryborough, which lies 130 miles north of Brisbane.

Australian cops arrested a boy, 13, after the car he was allegedly driving rear-ended the vehicle Kelsie was in so hard that it managed to smash into a third car on Sunday (April 28) night.

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A friend said of Kelsie, who was a recent graduate of Riverside Christian College: “She didn’t deserve to die.

“Nobody deserves to die in this way,” friend Sarah Gillieatt told 7NEWS.

Mum-of-two and pastor Michale Chandler, who was driving a Holden with Kelsie, died at the scene as the Benz crashed into the rear-end of the car.

Michale’s husband, Matthew, said in a Facebook post: “It is with the utmost heavy heart that we say goodbye for now to our darling.

“You were and will continue to hold the worlds greatest wife and mum award! Until we meet in heaven my Queen. love you to the moon and back!”

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The impact of the crash was so powerful that the Holden crashed into a nearby Mazda, killing the driver, 52-year-old nurse Sheree Robertson.

Local police said that Sheree was on her way home from work at nearby Maryborough Hospital when she was senselessly killed in the crash.

Maryborough Hospital said in a statement that her colleagues were “absolutely devastated to learn of the death of a respected Maryborough Hospital staff member in a tragic road crash over the weekend”.

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The alleged driver, who has not yet been named, was charged with three counts of dangerous driving causing death after he was taken to hospital

He is due to appear in Maroochydore Magistrates Court at a later date, and currently remains in Hevery Bay watchhouse.

Police are investigating whether the boy acted alone or if he had a passenger in the car at the time, as reports from some witnesses claimed that another person fled the scene as it unfolded.


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