Tattooists blunder saw woman have eyeball removed and left blind in the other

An error from a bungling tattoo artist has left a young woman blind after her eyeballs were inked incorrectly.

Aleksandra Sadowska headed to a tattooist for a bit of ink on her eyes, wanting the whites of her eyes tattooed black at a studio in Warsaw, Poland.

Finding the studio online, she headed there and received a horrific botch job that left her one eye down and blind in the other.

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A court has since fined the tattoo artist responsible for the botched ink job with a hefty £28,000 order placed on the artist named in court as Piotr A.

Speaking to media at the time, Sadowska said: "The tattoo artist had dozens of such procedures in his portfolio. At least that's what he said.

"Then it turned out not to be true. He also claimed to have medical education, which is also doubtful."

Complications for Sadowska began almost immediately, with the then 21-year-old having to undergo three operations in a bid to improve her eyesight, none of which worked.

Due to the botched tattoo job, Sadowska developed glaucoma and advanced cataracts, with one of her eyes eventually replaced by an implant.

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Sadowska subsequently sued the tattoo studio, and six years later the tattooist responsible was found guilty of failing to provide assistance to the victim and of causing permanent disability.

Piotr A must pay Sadowska £28,000 (PLN 150,000) and perform 30 hours of community service per month over the course of a year.

Following the verdict, Pawel Jagielski, a lawyer representing Sadowska, said they will consider filing an appeal for the money owed to the woman.

He said: "In our preliminary assessment, the amount of PLN 150,000 is still disproportionate to the extent of the harm suffered via severe disability in the form of total loss of sight."

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