Taliban found to be cutting off hands in stadium

Prince Harry denies claims he ‘boasted’ about Taliban kills

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Prince Harry revealed in his memoir ‘Spare’ that he killed 25 Taliban fighters when serving in the British Army. As a result, the rulers of Afghanistan have accused the royal of committing war crimes.

The Duke of Sussex’s comments were also used by the regime in Iran which claimed that the UK has no place to comment on their human rights record following the execution of Alireza Akbari.

Iran’s foreign ministry tweeted that the UK could not lecture others when “a member of the Royal Family sees the killing of 25 innocent people as removal of chess pieces and has no regrets over the issue”.

It comes as the hardline regime in Afghanistan has been giving out barbaric punishments such as public floggings and amputations.

The extreme actions from the Taliban come as it moves to enforce their extremist interpretation of Islam after seizing power last year.

Local news outlet 8am reported that four petty thieves had their hands cut off in front of a large crowd at a football stadium in Kandahar province.

A spokesman for the governor’s office, Haji Zaid, added that nine men received lashings in the stadium for a number of different crimes.

Each man was lashed between 35 and 39 times as Taliban officials, religious figures, elders, and locals looked on.

These latest acts are increasing fears that the Taliban are reinstating its former powers and actions where public executions and punishments were handed down.

Afghan journalist Tajuden Soroush tweeted a picture of the scene which shows people waiting on the grass to receive their punishment.

The tweet read: “It’s all just history repeating itself. Like 1990s Taliban began public punishment.”

In December, the Taliban held its first execution since its return to power where a man was killed for being convicted of murder.

The execution saw the victim’s father shoot the man with an assault rifle in front of spectators and top officials.

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Former Policy Advisor to Minister for Afghan Resettlement, Shabnam Nasimi, tweeted about the incident in the football stadium.

She said: “People are being lashed, amputated, and executed in Afghanistan, without fair trial and due process.

“This is a human rights violation.”

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