Taiwan missile expert found dead in hotel room as Chinese invasion threat looms

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One of Taiwan’s top missile experts has been found dead in a hotel room while tensions rise between the island nation and neighbouring China.

The sudden death of Ou Yang Li-hsing, the deputy head of the Taiwan defence ministry’s research and development unit, is being probed by police.

The official Central News Agency reports that Ou Yang, 57, was found on Saturday morning (August 6) in the southern city of Pingtung and is believed to have been killed by a heart attack.

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He worked for the military-owned National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology and has been visiting the south of the island on business.

Investigators have found no sign of a break-in, reportedly leading to limited fears over the possibility of foul play.

Mr Ou Yang’s family has told the investigation that not only did Mr Ou Yang have a history of heart problems, but that he also had a stent.

The death of Ou Yang comes shortly after the highly controversial visit of the United State’s speaker Nancy Pelosi, which saw China massively increase its demonstrations of military strength.

Live fire operations have been carried out all around Taiwan, causing fears of war to skyrocket.

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It is thought that the muscle flexing was at least partly a message to the USA, warning it of how China felt about its interference in what China regards as its own local politics.

The Taiwan defence ministry’s research and development unit, who Mr Ou Yang worked for, has reportedly been trying to double the number of missiles they make per year as the island nation tries to bolster its defences ahead of any kind of aggression from China.

The organisation is trying to grow its output from 250 to 500 missiles per year.

The defence ministry in Taiwan said that on Saturday morning – when Mr Ou Yang’s body was found – Chinese ships and planes running drills crossed the unofficial line between the two sides called the median line.

Taiwan's missiles were put on standby, reconnaissance was launched and a warning broadcast was beamed to citizens.


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