Suspect in abused Canon City babys death said he disciplined him “the same way as he did his dog”

The man suspected of the abuse of a Cañon City baby who later died told authorities that he disciplined the child the same as he disciplined his dog.

According to an affidavit penned by Cañon City Police Detective Timothy Smelser, he was notified of a 10-month-old infant who had just been resuscitated by emergency medical personnel just before 8 a.m. Sunday at Motel 6, located at 1925 Fremont Drive.

He was advised by the on-duty patrol sergeant that the infant was being transported to the hospital and that the parents’ room was “filthy.”

William Jacobs, the baby — later identified as Edward Hayes — and the baby’s mother, whose name has been redacted in the affidavit, had been living at the hotel since they lost their house to a fire in February or March, the affidavit states.

The mother said her baby had been sick, so she gave him Pedialyte; however, he was fine and was following her around the room with his eyes while she was getting ready for work at about 6:45 a.m. When Jacobs returned from walking their dog, she left for work.

During his initial interview, according to the affidavit, Jacobs said he was changing the baby’s diaper when “he went stiff and began making gargling noises.”

“William ran downstairs to tell (redacted) that Edward was acting strange and they needed to take him to the doctor and then returned to the room,” the affidavit states. “William began shaking Edward and slapping him on the back to get him to breathe.”

While speaking with him at the hospital, Jacobs told authorities that he was “kinda rough” during that process, but in a later interview he stated he had not been rough, the affidavit states.

A nurse who was in a neighboring room overheard the commotion and began to assist. The nurse noted that Jacobs was being too rough and took over beginning CPR and calling 911.

When law enforcement arrived, Jacobs refused to identify himself, but he eventually was identified due to his state ID being located, the affidavit states.

During an interview, Jacobs admitted to biting Edward’s arm while playing with him and biting too hard, but he also told law enforcement that the baby sustained the bite mark from the dog.

Jacobs also admitted to hitting Edward’s head on the bathroom door frame while he was trying to take him to throw up in the toilet.

“He stated this occurred a few days prior to this incident,” the affidavit states. “(The mother) stated that William told her he had hit Edward’s head on a light fixture while picking him up.”

Also during the interview, Jacobs said Edward’s mother left him alone in the room for about 30 minutes when she left for work, prior to him returning with the dog.

“He said this while stating he wouldn’t have had time to injure Edward,” the affidavit states. “(The mother) refuted this explaining that she didn’t leave the room until he returned from walking the dog.”

The detective noted that Jacobs’ story “was continually changing throughout the interview, and even after the interview including eventually admitting to hitting Edward’s head on the door, being rough with Edward and other similar statements.”

While Jacobs kept stating that he was scared that he was going to be “pinned” for this and scared of being in trouble, “he never asked about Edward or how he was doing throughout the interview.”

When asked about him getting frustrated with the baby, Jacobs “demonstrated grabbing his cheeks with both hands and made a distinctive shaking motion while explaining that he’d tell him to stop.”

“He also explained that he disciplined Edward in the same way as he did his dog, and he demonstrated throwing his dog but used an infant-sized doll to demonstrate lightly throwing him into the bed,” the affidavit states. “William stated that he was not a fan of Edward’s father, but he’d never take it out on Edward.”

Edward died at Children’s Hospital in Colorado Springs on Tuesday.

Jacobs currently is being held in the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department on a $75,000 cash-only bond.

He is slated to appear in court for filing of charges on May 31.

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