Survival expert in gypsy camp angry after someone s**t on his car windscreen

Survival expert Ed Stafford had a difficult start to life in a travellers’ camp, when he woke up to poo smeared on his car windscreen.

Ed Stafford is a British explorer, holding the record for being the first man to walk the length of the Amazon River.

Now, in a new Channel 4 series, ‘60 Days with the Gypsies’, Ed has been filmed experiencing life inside the Romani and Irish Travelling communities.

In the programme’s first episode, Ed was immediately warned away from a camp, with its inhabitants threatening to break his cameras if he intruded on the land they had claimed.

And, even after finding travellers who welcomed him onto their site, the adventurer was confronted with a disgusting prank when he attempted to head off early one morning.

Waking up to leave the camp in the quiet hours, Ed firstly discovered that the lock on his caravan door had been broken.

“The plastic is cracked around where the lock… ahh f***,” he said, noticing that the window of his mobile home had also been broken.

“Somebody’s tried to get in haven’t they? They’ve obviously tried to force the door open.

“Did I think I’d survive the day without anyone trying to get into my caravan? Probably not, unrealistic.”

But the day was to take a further turn for the worse, when getting in the car to leave, he noticed an unexpected object on his windscreen.

“I’ve just got in my car to leave,” he told the camera. “And there’s s*** smeared on my windscreen.

“Somebody has jumped up onto the car, stood on the bonnet and s*** onto my windscreen.

“As an explorer, I’m used to surviving in hostile environments, but I never expected to have to deal with abuse like this. I don’t know who did it, but I’m angry.”

Earlier on in the episode, Ed had been warned by journalist and traveller Jake Bowers of the golden rule that Travellers never use the toilet in their caravans, instead of heading to leisure centres and local shops to do their business.

In this instance, Ed was given a demonstration of the rule first-hand.

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