Surgeons end boys 5 years of misery by removing plastic flower from his throat

An Australian family were stunned to learn that the reason their eight-year-old son had struggled with breathing issues was that he had a plastic toy stuck in his throat.

Marley had always struggled with a cough and doctors had initially diagnosed it as asthma.

Eventually, Marley’s dad Jay Enjakovic vowed to find a reason behind Marley’s strange affliction after doctors say he became ‘quite critical.’

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Speaking to the Today Show, Jay said: “With Marley in the last few years playing a lot of sport and football and basketball, it slowly went downhill pretty quick. He couldn’t run out his games, coughing a lot more, bringing a lot of food up, bringing water up every time he ate.

“That’s when Skye and I really pressed and pushed and asked more questions. We really wanted an answer because we had a feeling it was not asthma.”

In December last year, doctors finally ordered an X-ray of Marley’s throat.

Marley’s mother Skye Enjakovic said: “Luckily his x-ray pictures were taken a little bit higher up this time and they realized there was something going on with his esophagus and his trachea

“A few hours later I received a phone call to meet his surgeon at recovery where they pulled a piece of plastic, an arts and craft plastic flower, from his airway,” she said.

“I honestly couldn’t believe it! This was the whole cause of everything! I was relieved I finally had an answer.

“We are unsure how long this price of plastic was lodged in his airway, but my guess is at least five years as that’s when we started noticing small issues which became worse over time.”


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