Super-recogniser face expert draws how King William and Queen Kate may look

Prince William will have aged “very, very badly” by the time he and wife Kate Middleton take to the throne.

The Princess of Wales meanwhile will age “better” and the change in her features won’t be as “drastic” as her husband's.

The claims come according to super-recogniser Simone Malik, who told the Daily Star what the couple would likely look like if they took to the throne around the age of 65.

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She discussed how the future monarch’s features would change and widen “in the footsteps of his father” and provided detailed estimations of what they would look like as King William and Queen Kate.

Based on how William looks now and using her finely-tuned skills surrounding the human face, Simone predicted “wrinkling around his eyes,” based on the “loss of the collagen of the skin structures around the eye area,” which she felt was “quite prominent”.

It wasn’t just his eyes that she felt would show dramatic signals of ageing, even going so far as to say she felt she had maybe been “generous” in her sketch.

She also feared he'd fare far worse than his father.

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“I've given Prince William longer, silver hair – more length to the hair on the side.

“I don't think he's going to have as much as that at the age of 65. I think it'd be much less.

"The middle of his head will be completely bald, there'll be nothing there. So in my sketch, I've given a few strands of hair. It's a bit of an aesthetic effect. Basically, I think I've been generous.”

She also came after the former Duke of Cambridge’s face, predicting “quite a lot of droop and sag to the bottom half of the face”.

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She explained there would be: “Quite a few folds and folds on the neck as well,” and thought that his already “prominent” nose was only going to become a more noticeable feature.

“As he gets older and I think [his skin will have a] deep red-pink colouring as well around the nose area [and] eyes [with] drooping lids just like his dad," she said.

Kate’s ageing process would be more gentle by comparison, Simone felt.

“Age is going to be kinder on her,” she added.

Kate would, however, have a “noticeable drop to the lower face,” and her “dimpling would become more pronounced”.

She continued: “There'll be extra skinfold on the lower face under the chin. You'll see signs of turkey neck appearing.”

Kate’s nose will likely also become “bigger” and “fleshier with age” and her cheeks become “rounded”.

Over the years she expected Kate’s “angular” face to soften with drooping adding “rounding to the cheek area”.

Simone drew attention to how these days a prominent feature of Kate’s was her “dark brown, lustrous cascading waves and locks,” but that this would likely turn into a “soft, light brown, possibly dark blonde,” in later years.

Speaking about the pair of them, she said: “I don't think we'll see that much ageing in the eyes [and will still see] that sparkle.

“I don't know if there are rules [in the royal family] but I'd certainly go for a hair transplant [if I were William]. I'm in the public eye I'd be looking at [my] hair and [wondering about] a hair transplant, bit of Botox or something."

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