Stunning model loses both of her legs after severe Covid-19 complications

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A stunning model who lost both her legs due to Covid-19 complications has been allowed home just in time to celebrate her 21st birthday.

Claire Bridges, from St. Petersburg, Florida, was released from hospital last week for the first time after being admitted on January 19.

She had been vaccinated against coronavirus, but she was born with a congenital heart condition and suffered a life-threatening complication when she contracted Covid.

Soon after she arrived in hospital with severe leg pain, Claire’s heart actually stopped, and she was diagnosed with Covid-19 myocarditis, cyanotic, acidosis, rhabdomyolysis and mild pneumonia.

The blood flow to her legs was affected so much that docs had to make the heartbreaking decision to amputate them both.

But brave Claire, is improving by the day, and last week her dad Wayne wrote on Facebook: “Two months to the day this all started and Claire, for the first time, sat up by herself! It may not seem like a lot, but for this Warrior, it's a major victory!

"And for this victory, it looks like our Warrior girl is coming home to her mum's house today for the rehab phase of her journey."

He added: "Claire Bridges, I am so proud of you and inspired by you. You have overcome more in two months than any of us could imagine in a lifetime.

"You will be climbing again before you know it."

Wayne told Newsweek: "She is very happy to be home around family and friends. We had a cookout for her on Saturday, which was her birthday.

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"It's been mentally, emotionally taxing but we're hopeful now.

“She is still facing more challenges but we are focused on today having her home.

"She's having ongoing rehab with physical and occupational therapy, and healing of her legs to start getting ready for prosthetics."

A GoFundMe campaign to help raise $100,000 (about £75,000) to help with Claire’s medical care has reached nearly $40,000 (just over £30,000).

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