Students upset as bumbling lecturer shows sexy cam girls clips in Zoom class

A university lecturer in Western Sydney has been dismissed after accidentally streaming pornography during a Zoom lesson with his first-year students.

He and another teacher were teaching a class as an introductory course for key academic skills on Wednesday (March 9) when the lecturer took a break and failed to pause the meeting.

A screen from a pornographic website with the title '18+ Cams with Sexy Cam Girls' soon popped up featuring a series of explicit images of young women.

One of the students was 'revolted' by the incident, her father told local paper the Sunday Telegraph.

He said: "She was very upset to the point where she thought about pulling out of university.

"A teacher should be a leader in the community, a father or mother figure, so I don't think he should be in that role.

"I'm dumbfounded that he would show that to young people. It's a breach of trust."

The incident was reported to Western Sydney University, which said the lecturer would be dealt with in accordance with policies and procedures after an investigation.

The University said in a statement: "'The university was made aware of an incident that occurred on Wednesday, March 9 during a Zoom lesson, after receiving a number of complaints from students and parents,

"The university has taken swift action, standing down the academic in question while it completes a full and thorough investigation of this matter.

"It has also reached out to affected students to provide support."

The lecturer had taught English at the university since 2015.

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