Strip club claims blokes tell wives theyve been spiked after splurging on dance

A strip club was forced to shut down after punters claimed they had been spiked and swindled out of £250,000, according to a council report.

But the venue has now hit out at those making the allegations, claiming husbands are lying so they won’t have to admit to their wives "they spent summer holiday money on strippers.'"

MyLondon reported that clubgoers who visited Vanity Bar and Nightclub in Soho told police that they have lost up to thousands and woken up in random locations.

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The authorities have reports of at least 10 different incidents where victims awoke claiming huge sums missing from their accounts.

After visiting the club, one alleged victim told the police £37,500 had been taken from his accounts. While two other victims claimed the morning after visiting they each discovered £30,000 had been taken from them.

In one alleged incident at the venue, another visitor claimed his £19,000 watch was stolen while at the club.

But Vanity Bar and Nightclub have denied any wrongdoing, stating the allegations are "half-baked" and "sloppy", during a council licensing committee.

Representing Vanity lawyer Gary Grant accused police officers of not fully reading crime reports before trying to shut the place down. Mr Grant told a Westminster licensing committee: "The police approach is a broad brush. It is 'look at how many complaints there are, there can't be smoke without fire…’ with respect we disagree."

The lawyer argued that some of the evidence was brought about because alleged victims were trying to make excuses to their partners.

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He claimed: "There are instances of when the wives, girlfriends, and partners have found out because they've been pinged by their bank about what's going on.

"It is not uncommon, during allegations, for those men to say 'I'm sorry it wasn't me I must have had my drink spiked and that explains why I spent our summer holiday money on strippers.'"

The strip club instead argued the drink spikings may have been taking place at brothels later in the night rather than at the strip club.

When police officers asked the strip club for CCTV footage, staff allegedly tried to avoid showing the Met the correct timings.

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Screenshots of CCTV footage, shown in a council report, reveal men touching the dancer's private parts and kissing.

Following a seven-hour meeting about the future of the strip club, Westminster City Council decided to suspend the venue's license for three months and to ban the bar's managers from working at the venue.

The council also added 23 conditions to the strip club's license including staff having to be retrained. The strip club has 18 dancers and claims that 20,000 people pass through its door each year.


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