Sticky Vickys daughter watched racy shows at 14 and now continues mums legacy

Last week news broke that Benidorm legend Sticky Vicky suffered a horror fall and it would take months for her leg to heal.

She is well-known for her X-rated magic show in the Spanish resort where her act involved pulling objects like beer bottles and ping pong balls from inside her body.

Despite Sticky Vicky, 79, now being retired, her daughter has picked up the mantle.

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And speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Maria Gadea remembered watching her mum’s bonkers routine as a 14-year-old girl.

She said: “I liked the show and I had no idea I could do something like that. I remember she was super shy and worried about what I would think.

“I told her that I loved seeing her and I liked her show.

“It never turned out for me to see her do a daring routine, my mind was already open and very mature.

“I could process what I saw in addition to having my own opinion.”

But being the daughter of Sticky Vicky made her an obvious target for gossiping parents and school bullies.

Now 40, the artist and dancer said: “They made fun of me a lot at school because I was thin and small and for a thousand stupid things.

“And of course a lot of parents at home would talk about my mother and [their kids] would later express it. That’s what children do.

“I now have children and it is the elders who are responsible for them listening to what is correct.”

Sticky Vicky retired in 2016 and her daughter said copycat entertainers tried to profit from her mum’s career.

And this inspired Maria to continue her mum’s X-rated act herself.

She said: “I decided to do her show when everyone wanted to take advantage of her name and lie to the public about who her daughter was.

“My intention was to ally myself with my mother to be stronger, and shut up the liars.”

And asked if she was worried about living up to people’s expectations, she said: “I have never been afraid.

“I am hardworking and constant, whoever cannot appreciate my art I feel sorry for them. We cannot please everyone.”

Sticky Vicky, whose real name is Victoria Aragues Gadea, is proud of her daughter and has been a special guest at her shows.

But she is now recovering after she smashed her knees getting into a car.

One knee became infected after complications involving anti-blood clot drugs she takes.

After the accident, an online post read: “Vicky said: 'I would like to thank everyone for their support and blessings. It makes me happy to know that they still love me and remember me.

"We were in the hospital for my cures, everything is going very well, the leg looks better.

"The problem was that I take anticoagulant pills and they had to replace them with injections.

"A little late but they are working, so now it will take a few months to heal the wound.'"

Sticky Vicky spent five days in hospital and had staples inserted into her knees but she has since been discharged.


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