Spain weather: Exact locations hit with weather warnings

Spain sees hazy skies as Sahara dust storm blows in

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From dust storms caused by Saharan sand and heavy rainfall and strong winds, Spain has been hit with numerous amber weather warnings these past few weeks. A step away from Spain’s typical moderate weather around this time of year, local authorities are advising residents and tourists to take precautions.

Locals from the north to south of Spain have been experiencing these harsh conditions, as Spain’s State Meteorological Agency AEMET recorded the wettest March since 1950 in the Valencia and Costa Blanca regions.

Emergency services have been busy over the past few weeks responding to fallen trees and rescuing those from overflowing rivers.

The persistence of rain has led to new weather records, and the recent calima carrying red Saharan sand brought dusty orange skies and several flight delays and cancellations at Malaga airport over recent weeks.

With the weather not having budged, AEMET has recorded several hotspots on the southern coast of Spain still currently issued with yellow and amber warnings.

Which locations in Spain are under weather warnings?

The southern city of Cadiz, northwest of Gibraltar, has been issued with an orange weather warning, as winds are predicted to reach up to 100km per hour.

There is also a coastal risk, as waves are predicted to reach up to three meters high.

Orange weather warnings represent an increased likelihood of disruption to activities, possibly causing travel delays, road and rail closures, interruption to power and the potential risk to life and property.

Locals have been warned to remain vigilant and on the lookout, and tourists should avoid coastal activities such as boating, swimming, and fishing while the warning is in place.

The popular tourist provinces along the Costa del Sol including Malaga, Marbella and Almeria are all under a yellow weather warning.

Like Cadiz, Almeria is also expected to face Force 8 winds and waves of three to four metres high.

Costa Grenadina and Malaga are expected to face Force 7 winds with waves reaching around three metres.

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The yellow weather warning urges those to be aware and plan ahead thinking about travel delays or day-to-day activity disruption due to the possibility of severe weather in the concerned area.

The weather is expected to be cloudy for much of the week in Costa del Sol with an average temperature of 15C, however, the Met Office predicts thunderstorms to hit the coast on Wednesday, and it will remain throughout the course of the afternoon.

The orange and yellow weather warnings are expected to lift as of tomorrow, apart from those of Almeria and Costa Grenadina, which will remain in place over the course of Tuesday.

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