Sound familiar? EU plotting to create NEW ‘vassal state’ – politician sounds alarm

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In language which closely mirrored Boris Johnson’s criticisms of predecessor Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement, Roger Koeppel said the bloc wanted to make his country a “colony of Brussels”. In a caustic attack, Mr Koeppel, a member of the country’s National Council, and of the Swiss People’s Party, lambasted the EU for its “domineering, patronising attitude”. Mr Koeppel, speaking in advance of the Swiss referendum over freedom of movement between the EU and the Swiss Federation on September 27, said there was simmering resentment against the bloc in his country.

He explained: “The reason that I went into politics was because it was so embarrassing and so annoying how the EU behaves towards Switzerland, I decided it was not enough to write against this, I had to really participate.

“I think my perception was a feeling of annoyance towards the European Union, which is so domineering.

“They start harassing us, and attacking us, threatening us by saying if you don’t vote like this, we will do that.

“And I think this kind of patronising attitude really annoys a lot of Swiss people, even those who don’t have anything against Europe.”

Journalist Mr Koeppel said the EU’s behaviour was reflected in the historically low level of number of people who supported backed the idea of full membership.

He explained: “There were never fewer people who wanted to Switzerland to become a member of the EU – it is less than ten percent.

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“There was once almost a majority of people but this is now in single figures.

“Membership is completely out of the question.

“But the problem is the EU and members of our political establishment seem to have found a way to smuggle Switzerland into the EU with a new so-called constitutional agreement.

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“That’s the thing that come after the referendum.

“Then the big question will be: ‘Should Switzerland sign a constitutional agreement with the European Union?’

“And the elites in Switzerland, which tend towards closer contact with the EU are in favour of this new contract.

“But this new contract would mean that Switzerland would have to adapt in many fields of their economic and social policies the laws of the European Union.”

Mr Koeppel warned: “This would mean we would become a colony of Brussels without being a member.

“We would accept their laws, but have nothing to say.

“This is the new trick of our more internationalist elites, of smuggling Switzerland into the EU. And that’s the next battle.”

There were definite parallels with the UK’s situation, Mr Koeppel pointed out.

He said: “You have people there also, in Parliament, who think the UK needs close links with the EU, but for the common man, it’s very bad because he has nothing to say about legislation and laws.

“If you were to ask Swiss guy if he would want to become a member of the EU he would say no.

“This is an argument that we have had in Switzerland since the 1990s when we had a referendum into entering the European economic zone.

“And the winning argument was that if we did we would make Switzerland into a vassal state of the European Union.”

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