Sleeping mum woke up in agony to ex-husband pouring boiling water over face

A man allegedly poured boiling water over his ex-wife's face as she slept and told her "you should be glad I didn't kill you".

Victim Alev Altun and her two children had moved in with her ex Savas Altun after the Turkey earthquake flattened her home in the district of Samandag, Hatay Province.

But, shockingly just three days after moving in on February 19, the mum found herself awake in agony after Altun, 37, allegedly poured a pot of boiling water over her head and face.

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He is said to have told her "you should be glad I didn't kill you" while she was screaming.

Gruesome pictures have revealed Alev laying in a hospital bed with her head and arms heavily bandaged.

The 25-year-old mum, who divorced the man nine months ago, said after the attack: "On the night of the third day, he poured a pot of boiling water over my head while I was fast asleep.

"Horrified, I woke up. He just told me I should be glad he didn't kill me."

Altun had persuaded her to move in with him after her apartment collapsed in the earthquake on February 6, she told local media.

"He said we should make up and move in with him. His house has not been demolished by the earthquake," she said.

"Our new home was severely damaged by the quake so I had to think of where to stay with my two kids.

"At first, we went to my sister's to spend nine nights there.

"But then my ex-husband turned up and urged me to move in at his place.

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"He claimed our children would find peace if we reconcile. We didn't argue for three days."

Following the attack the young mum fled with her children, two and four, to a greenhouse where her mum Gonul Ekreb was living after the quake.

Gonul then took her daughter to a GP who said she should be hospitalised for her injuries, before the accused was reportedly arrested as he tried to flee with the kids and cash.

He is reportedly still in custody and told cops the pan of boiling water "slipped out of his hand" during an earthquake aftershock.

"He took revenge as I was standing on my own feet again," the mum added. "I've managed to live an independent life. I found friends."

At the time of writing there were no updates on her condition.

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More than 51,000 people have been killed and over 122,000 injured by the Turkey quakes.


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