Sisters tricked into travelling to Pakistan where killer uncle was waiting

Two sisters living in Spain were tricked into travelling back to Pakistan where they were allegedly strangled and shot dead by their uncle.

Aneesa Abbas, 24, and Arooj Abbas, 21, had allegedly been forced to marry their cousins more than a year ago but had been unable to get visas for their husbands to move to Spain.

The pair were said to be unhappy with their husbands and wanted to marry again in Spain, but the sisters were reportedly tricked into returning to the north-eastern district of Gujrat in Pakistan.

It is there that they were both tortured and killed the next day.

Aneesa and Arooj were said to be pressured by their husbands to apply for spouse visas that would allow them to move to Spain, but the sisters put up resistance against their spouses.

The sisters were then strangled and shot dead after they said they were wanting to marry other people in Spain, local media reported.

Police say that the mother of the two women, Azra Bibi, had wanted to help her daughters but had been locked in another room when the killings took place.

Authorities added that the women's husbands, Hassan Aurengzeb and Atiq Hanif, their uncle Hanif Goga, and their brother, Shehryar Abbas, had been arrested and confessed to the killing.

Two other men have been arrested in connection with the attack.

Investigating police officer Muhammad Akhtar said: "The investigations have confirmed that both the sisters were killed in the name of 'honour'."

Women in Pakistan are often murdered in so called "honour killings," usually carried out by their own families if a woman refuses a marriage or defies what she is told to do by the family.

A law was introduced in 2016 that made it mandatory for anyone found guilty on "honour" killing to receive a life sentence in prison, The Mirror reports.

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