Singer who received oral sex on stage batters fan with mic after shes groped

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    A Brazillian singer who shot to fame worldwide forreceiving oral sex on stage and letting cats suck on her nipples has been snapped battering a lecherous fan away with her microphone.

    Controversial MC Pipokinha has built up a following with her wild antics, but moronic gig-goers have been taking it too far.

    The latest bout of vile handsy attacks came withinmoments of another gropebeing caught on camera after she jumped into the crowd.

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    In the latest footage she’s seen sitting on a man’s shoulders topless clutching her chest, a worried look on her face.

    Hands can be seen grabbing and rubbing her abdomen and arm around the elbow.

    Real name Doroth Helena de Sousa Alves, she suddenly spins round and leans to a part of the crowd behind her and uses the hilt of her microphone to seemingly land blows on a man in a hooded top.

    He is wearing all-dark colours and it isn’t entirely clear whether she then hits out at him or someone behind him.

    She then starts to move through the crowd on the shoulders of another man.

    As all of this goes on, hands continue to rise up around her trying to touch her.

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    Meanwhile, other men – one, in particular, wearing sunglasses and a yellow t-shirt – follow her relentlessly trying to grab selfies.

    After what must have been a traumatic moment for her, she keeps her arm firmly across her chest.

    At the end of the clip, a closeup shows one fan shockingly reaching up and grabbing her breast with their full hand.

    The upsetting incident came after she issued an apology to Brazil’s teachers after she appeared to make derogatory comments about their pay on stage.

    “First, I want to apologise to all of you and the teachers. I was misunderstood for what I said. If they felt offended by me, I apologise a lot”, the controversial singer said.

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