Sickos mock missing Titanic sub in reviews for controller used to steer vessel

Sick people have flocked to Amazon to mock the missing Titanic submarine crew by leaving horrific reviews of the controller used to steer the vessel.

Time is running out to find the missing OceanGate Expeditions containing five people – including one British national and two British residents.

It has been missing since Sunday (June 18) after losing contact one hour and 45 minutes into its journey to explore the wreckage of the Titanic.

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When news broke of the disappearance, it quickly became public knowledge that the submarine was actually controlled with a Logitech F710 gamepad, which was first on sale in 2011.

And now the Amazon listing has become a target for those wanting to make a joke out of the horrifying situation.

One review is titled: “Really useful and versatile, bought it to play some videogames, but i now use it to run a submarine.”

The review states: “It works well on high pressure environments, no complaints so far. and it really helps in navigating around a sunken ship known for being a lesson about hubris.

“I can even let my clients who paid a quarter million dollars play with the controller a bit, hopefully no one throws a tantrum and breaks it.”

And another equally tasteless review states: “I bought this for my hackjob project of sending adventurers to see the Titanic.

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“Great little device but lack of a hard wire option when the batteries go dead has caused some … complications.

“If you are reading this then please send help as Hamish has finished the last packet of Quavers and stinks of cheese.”

Hope of finding the missing Titanic tourist submarine took a hit when a US Coast Guard admitted that “banging noises” that were picked up by sonar was just “background ocean noise” earlier today (Thursday, June 22).

The noises were sent for analysis after a Canadian sonar ship recorded them, and that now appears to have given negative results.

It is now believed that oxygen in the submarine will have run out.

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Rear Admiral John Mauger said: “The initial reports is that there’s a lot of the sounds that were generated were from background ocean noise, but they continue to … look for all available information there.

“What’s important to me, and what’s important as the unified command, is that we’ve continued search in the areas where noise was detected with the ROVs that we have from the time of that detection, so we’re not waiting for this analysis to take action."

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