Sick Russian ritual where bagged-up POWs are forced to crawl through beatings

The horrors of being captured by Russian soldiers at war have been laid bare by a Brit who suffered the torment first hand.

Aiden Aslin fully expected to be executed or imprisoned by Vladimir Putin's army for decades after surrendering to them in Mariupol, Ukraine in April.

The Nottinghamshire native, however, has now returned home to his family having served in Ukraine's military since 2018.

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He has made it his mission to raise awareness of the atrocities being committed by Russian forces to prisoners of war, in breach of the Geneva Convention.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday morning, Aiden, from Newark, said: "If people want to know how bad it got, just imagine hearing someone be beat to death who only just arrived after completing the crawl of beating which every POW goes though with a bag on their head from the processing area to the cell."

Making light of his hell which he experienced alongside fellow freed Brit Shaun Pinner, Aiden shared a meme taken from the 2018 film Buster Scruggs.

In the photo, actor James Franco can be seen looking to his left and smiling on docks with a noose around his neck.

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Aiden captioned the image: "When the new Westerner arrives in your prison scared of getting the death sentence in a kangaroo court."

"First time?" the character asks.

Posting under the handle Cossackgundi, Aiden shared with his followers a shocking before and after capture photo comparison just 48 hours apart.

"The first photo is a still from an hour before I surrendered to Russian forces on April 12, the second photo is from 48 hours later. I’ll leave it for you to decide on your own opinion," he wrote, sharing two pictures.

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In the first, he is seen looking worried but in otherwise good health in a trashed Mariupol. In the second, however, he is seen looking beleaguered and bruised while wearing handcuffs.

Aslin, who has a Ukrainian fiancée and dual citizenship after moving to the country in 2018, was obviously made to pose by Russian troops as he is seen propping his arms arm while his eyes droop


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