Sick b******s selling bands from Queen lying in state queue for up to £100k

The nation came together to mourn collectively as the late monarch Queen Elizabeth II's body was laid in state at Westminster Hall so people could pay their final respects.

However, some people saw this as a sick opportunity to make money, with entrance wristbands to the lying-in-state appearing on online selling platforms for up to £100,000.

The Queen's body is still at Westminster ahead of her funeral tomorrow, but that didn't deter some individuals eager for a quick buck.

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As new items are being listed every few minutes, bids are racking up – with some people bidding in excess of an eye-watering £66,000 for a single wristband on eBay.

And one seller listed their queue band on eBay with a Buy It Now price of a obscene £100,000. The Buy It Now feature means that eBay users can purchase an item without entering a bidding war.

The highest single bid seen by the Daily Star on eBay was over £66,000. That's without postage.

Listings seem to vanish as soon as they appear – but more pop up again and again.

Some are even selling bundles of multiple tickets, leaflets and newspapers from the days surrounding the Queen's death.

Bids for the simple sticky paper wristband were anywhere from £50, generally up to £10k and even beyond, but eBay is working to remove the listings.

An eBay spokesperson said: “These items are against our policies and we are removing them from our site.”

The Star also saw evidence of the bands for sale on Facebook Markeplace, with one listed for £22,000. Likewise, Gumtree featured sellers flogging their bands for up to £3,000.

The queue to see the monarch’s coffin in Westminster Hall has seen hundreds of thousands of people waiting patiently in line, some as long as 24 hours.

Reacting to the news, one Twitter user shared a screenshot of the bands on eBay, one for £6,200 and one for £4,600 – where the buyer even had to pay £3.35 for postage.

The listings had 37 and 15 bids respectively. The woman wrote: "Now this is just plain weird – eBay please put a stop to this craziness."

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"Sick b******* about," wrote another Twitter user, pulling no punches. Another user branded the practice "unbelievable".

Another user called Julie added eloquently: "Just read that someone is selling their wristband on eBay for thousands because they were an hour behind David Beckham in the queue.

"We were in your part of the queue, don't know how you can do that, personally I shall be treasuring my wristband #lyinginstate wristbands."

Another user, Mike, appealed directly to eBay to take the listings down, saying "it's tacky at best and if anything it's goulish!"


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