Shoppers furious claiming new Aldi self-checkout is ageist for not taking cash

Elderly shoppers at budget supermarket Aldi are angry after the introduction of self-service tills left them feeling “disappointed”.

The supermarket giant has joined competitors such as Tesco and Morrison's in introducing the staff-less tills, so customers can serve themselves.

So far, this has only been rolled out in Australia but it has left a certain age-range of customer livid.

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Posting on Facebook, one woman in her 70s was not happy about the new system – which also only accepts cards, not cash.

She said: “I love Aldi but today I was very disappointed – our local has just installed self checkouts – which I am happy to use.

“I went prepared but – only card – no cash. Come on Aldi that is ageism!

“I am 70+ and I use cash, so do most of my generation. It is not often I am disappointed by Aldi.”

Despite cash only accounting for around 10% of the entire world's transactions these days, many of the older generation still rely heavily upon it.

But Aldi has taken its self-checkouts one step further than most and made them all cashless.

However, not everyone agreed that the fault was with Aldi.

Replying to her post, one person said: “'The debit card has been around since the early 80s.

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“A person inability to use a debit card is not due to a lack of accessibility, it's a choice.

“Many people have managed to embrace smart phones, tablets and computers so they can access communities such as this one to make complaints about Grocery stores.

“I'm sure inserting a plastic card and typing in a four digit pin isn't that far of a reach.”

An Aldi spokesman told the Daily Mail: “Self-serve checkouts are a quick and convenient way for customers to shop, and all Aldi self-serve checkouts are card only to maximise efficiencies.

“If a customer prefers to use cash, our regular checkouts are always available.”

The Daily Star has reached out to Aldi UK to find out if it will be introducing the self-checkouts here, and whether or not they will be cashless, like in Australia.

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