Shopper amazed as huge python emerges out of spices aisle ‘just 20cm from face’

This is the terrifying moment a huge 3-metre python poked out of a spices aisle of a supermarket – coming within inches of a shopper’s face.

Helaina Alati was perusing the shelves at a Woolworths store in Sydney, Australia when she had the shock of her life.

Chilling footage shows the reptile casually perching on some spices with its head coming a considerable way out into the aisle.

It stays completely motionless apart from its tongue poking out.

Helaina told 7News the unwelcome creature’s face “was about 20cm from mine, just looking at me”.

“It was almost like he was asking me to take him outside,” she added.

“I just happened to be the one that found it.”

The shopper said that the python was “super mellow” and “not aggressive” and there was no need for anyone to panic.

Luckily, she was once a volunteer snake catcher and so grabbed her bag and managed to safely pop the reptile inside.

Another video then showed Helaina releasing it back into the wild.

A Woolworths spokesperson said the matter was dealt with calmly and safely.

“A slippery and rare customer was spotted in the spice aisle of our Glenorie store yesterday morning,” they said.

“Once it was sighted, our team members reacted quickly and calmly to cordon off the area for the safety of customers.

“A snake catcher removed the slithery customer, who was released safely into bushland shortly after.”

Since Helaina shared the videos to Facebook, dozens of people have commented their shock at the scenes.

“Yikes!!! I would have had a heart attack at that,” one wrote.

Another commented: “Geez! What a shock that would be coming at you! So unexpected!”

And a third added: “OMG I hate snakes would have taken everybody out with me as I ran for the exit.”

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